Toboggan & Hiker Tickets


Day-ticket without lift*€ 10,00
Season-ticket incl. lift up and down
(Loserjet, Double chair lift)
entitles the holder to use Loser-Jet, double chairlift
once a day during the season
€ 175,00
*Fee for the use of the infrastructure (parking, preparation).
Liftticket up and down (Loserjet, Double chair lift)
1 time up & down/day
Adult€ 24,00
Youth€ 17,00
Child€ 13,00
Liftticket up only
1 time up/day
(Loserjet, Double chair lift)(only Loserjet)
Adult€ 17,00€ 13,00
Youth€ 13,00€ 10,00
Child€ 9,50€ 7,5

**Entitles the holder to use the above-mentioned facilities once per day, incl. parking.

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