Kinderland & Schlepplift Ramsau

3 hours1 day
Adult€ 21,50€ 30,50
Child (born 2015-2006)€ 12,00€ 16,00

NUR Kinderland (Zauberteppich, Megastar, Karussell)

3 hours1 day
Beginner Adult€ 10,50€ 16,50
Beginner Child (2015-2006)€ 5,50€ 8,50

Valid at all lifts

Infants ticket (3 days)€ 24,00

Regulation for children:

  • Infants: Children born in 2016 and younger are infants and due to the conditions of carriage and liability they need a ski pass (if they are not skiing accompanied by a parent - also in the ski course).
  • Children born 2015 - 2006: need a children's ticket

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